Nursery ITSW – socialization and start into multilingual education

We try to make every child feel part of his/her group in the nursery – a small international community. The aim of our activities is that the child finds his/her place in the nursery group, accepts the rules governing it, learns from her/his colleagues, learns to participate in its life while maintaining his/her individual preferences. After a few months of learning in a nursery, children understand their trilingual surroundings perfectly.

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Around the age of two, and sometimes even earlier, children feel a great need for independence. Our nursery from an early age tries to create conditions that will allow for the development of this independence.

The first attempts of independence always have side effects: stained trousers, hands painted with paint or crayons, all unavoidable if we want the child to be autonomous and have high self-esteem.

Teachers make every effort to ensure that children learn how to dress, eat, use the toilet, resolve conflicts, deal with emotions as soon as possible.

We support our parents in their efforts to teach children their independence. As part of this opportunity, we also help children who have special educational needs.


The original program of trilingualism

In the nursery we implement an educational program that we have developed ourselves and which enables our one-year-olds from nursery through the entire primary school to continue their education according to the standards of six educational programs:

  1. The Finnish National Curriculum
  2. The French program
  3. The Polish Core Curriculum

Each of the above programs has strengths and weaknesses – comparing the standards of 6 curricula allowed us to determine the highest educational standards for each subject and for a given age group. We follow these standards.

The curriculum and topics are common to the three languages taught.

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