Welcome to the website of The International Trilingual School of Warsaw (ITSW)


We know how important it is to choose the right education for your child, and regardless of whether you already live in Warsaw or move here for the first time, we hope that this website and our experience will help you make your choice.

Through an individualized, trilingual approach to teaching, students of our educational institutions are open to the joy of learning, discovering their strengths and passions and improving their abilities. We enable them to develop skills, knowledge, and understanding through exciting teaching programs while allowing them to learn about their own preferences and to nurture individual talents.

In a world where borders are disappearing, the mix of nationalities and backgrounds of the origin of our students offers a wide range of cultural experiences within the school community. This enables students to understand and appreciate the cultural diversity that surrounds them and to respect the values of other cultures, customs, and lifestyles.

The vision of the school – in combination with the authentic partnership with families and the community – is to develop and strengthen our students so that they become and remain enthusiastic, lifelong global citizens of the future.


Our Teaching Vision and Mission

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