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The International Trilingual School of Warsaw invites children aged 1 to 3 to jointly explore the world and learn foreign languages in a natural way, just like if they were learning their mother tongue.

Our goal is to offer carefully planned activities based on a common core curriculum for three languages, allowing each child to develop key educational skills that will develop in the next years of pre-school and early school education.

Our staff is qualified in their country of origin pre-school teachers specializing in teaching a given age group of children and being at the same time native speakers of a given language (native-speaker).

For children who come to us at the nursery stage, the multilingual and multicultural environment is so natural that the language is absorbed naturally and with all the senses exactly as it happens in the case of the mother tongue.

 ITSW - international nursery Warsaw - best time for trilingualism
ITSW - multilingual nursery in Warsaw - best time to start learning foreign languages
International Trilingual School of Warsaw nursery


Natural trilingualism

The nursery is the best time to start learning foreign languages. Only until the age of 3, we can speak of early bilingualism or trilingualism. During this period, the child learns the language naturally and as a mother tongue under one condition: being “submerged”, “surrounded” with the language and associating one teacher with that language. This is how children learn in our nursery.


Trilingualism offers many benefits, not only for communication, but also in the field of intellectual development as confirmed by scientific research.



The ITSW International Nursery works on the basis of its own educational model built on the basis of the best elements of six curricula originating from Great Britain, Finland, USA, France and Poland and International Baccalaureate (IB)

Our original program allows the child to seamlessly pass between among educational systems.

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Daily educational  activities follow common for three languages topic and educational goals. The teaching content is planned by the teachers every month.

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